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NJ Car Leasing Can Handle Your Lease Termination Quickly and with Ease

In general, most leases are let expire as planned — at the end of the contracted time. In these cases, the lessee will generally have to pay a penalty for mileage over the specified maximum, as well as cover the cost of repairing any damage to the vehicle’s interior, and that will be all. But sometimes, midway through a lease – before the 12, 24 or 36 months contracted — a client finds that they no longer want the car they’re leasing, or their circumstances change somehow so that the lease is no longer supportable or sustainable or desirable. In these cases they will want to negotiate a lease termination, which often carries a penalty above and beyond simple mileage and maintenance fees. This is where NJ Car Leasing can help you the most! We’ve assisted hundreds if not thousands of other clients with their lease termination needs, and we’re anxious to do the exact same for you! Our years of experience in the auto lease industry mean that we can often negotiate you out of the penalties that your contract with another agency might impose. Or if the contract simply can’t be finagled out of, we can often find someone else who wants to take over your current lease; someone who desires the car that you want to cast off! Whatever the situation, whatever you desire to do, we can help you, guaranteed! Give us a call today at 201-720-7316, speak to a sales professional about your unique circumstances and let NJ Car Leasing figure out the best way to approach your lease termination!

How We Can Help You Terminate Your Auto Lease at NJ Car Leasing

If you have an auto lease that still has months or years to go before it expires, you may be worried that if you want to exit it early, you’ll be hit with immense fees that you won’t be able to afford, whatever your reasons for lease termination may be. This is where you want to let NJ Car Leasing step in and help! We have cordial relationships with leasing agents throughout New Jersey, as well as excellent business connections with the lenders and financial institutions with whom we’ve done business for our long years in the auto lease industry. This means that we can generally negotiate terms that will be more favorable to you than if you simply tried to return your leased automobile according to the terms in your contract. And if we can’t negotiate better terms for you, we can do one of two things. The first option is to shop your lease around to other clients who might be interested in leasing your vehicle even if, as far as you’re concerned, the bloom is off the rose. The second option is for us to assume the lease wholesale, taking over your monthly payments and interest. This second option generally comes with the caveat that you lease a newer vehicle from us, but not to worry! NJ Car Leasing has the widest selection of automobiles and the best monthly rates to be found anywhere in the state, so you’re guaranteed to get a better deal on an auto lease than you would with any other agent anywhere else in the area! Call us right away to get more details on the lease termination options available to you!