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What Positions are Available and Needed Now at NJ Car Leasing?

If you’re wondering what sort of careers you might be able to find at NJ Car Leasing, to begin with, we’re looking for people who are interested in joining forces with the number one auto lease agent in the state of New Jersey! That sort of go-getter attitude and uncompromising ambition is the top quality that we’re looking for in our employees and the best attribute that you can have to recommend you to the position you’re considering. Since we’re a service that works online to unite people with the automobiles they’ve always wanted, at monthly rates that are affordable to them, we need people who have a passion for both cars and service! If you’ve got specific knowledge of or experience with a certain make of automobile, we can set you up as a specialist for that brand! If your knowledge is more generalized, we can likely offer you a position as an all-around sales professional! If you happen to have technical skills, we always need people with experience in web design, system administration and support! Our pay packages are very competitive within the industry, we offer full benefits and insurance, and we’re a fun and stimulating place to work! If this sounds good to you, give us a call today at 201-720-7316! We’re waiting to hear from you to offer you a career with the top agency in the state: NJ Car Leasing!

What Makes A Career with NJ Car Leasing So Special and Interesting?

NJ Car Leasing is a pioneer in the auto lease industry, introducing a brand new paradigm in the business that can’t be touched by any other agency! We’re an all-electronic leasing agent, a concept which has never been successfully attempted before in the auto lease business! This means that we’re a revolutionary, exciting place to work, especially when you compare us to our competition. A traditional leasing agency will have so many overhead costs and such high operating fees that it’s a wonder they ever manage to get anyone to sign a lease. Consider: the car lot on which they house their fleet costs a huge amount of money in rent each month, because it has to be as big as possible to house a decent selection of vehicles. In order to be even somewhat affordable, this lot will usually be located someplace that’s out of the way, certainly not in a convenient, central location. Then there’s the fleet of autos itself: they have to be purchased and may not ever be leased, and certainly have to be renewed each year when a new model is released. This business model means brick and mortar agencies are hamstrung into being inconvenient, expensive and with a limited selection. Why would you want to work for such a hidebound business when you could be pursuing an exciting career on the cutting edge of auto leasing? Instead, come find out what kind of careers NJ Car Leasing can offer you, and secure your position on the vanguard of the auto lease business! Call us right away to find out what we can do for your career!