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The Basics of Getting an Auto Lease from NJ Car Leasing Explained

The essential concept of car leasing is fairly simple: instead of outright buying a vehicle, you contract to possess the auto you want for a certain amount of time, generally two or three years (although shorter leases are possible). You then pay a given amount of money each month for the privilege of having this automobile, said price being negotiated at the time of accepting your contract. Although some people balk at the idea that they never own the car outright, for other people this is very liberating and exciting: a new auto every few years, so that they’re never saddled with a car with which they’ve fallen out of love, and that they’ll never be “behind” in model years by more than one year or two! And that’s not the only benefit to leasing a car: when you have a new vehicle, it’s more likely to stay reliable for the length of your lease, and you’ll be trading it in long before it’s accumulated too many miles or significant wear! By contrast, purchasing a car outright generally means that the car will be subject to a lot of wear and tear before it’s sold off for a new model, which can leave you with a vehicle that’s unreliable or costs significantly more than you expected in repairs and maintenance. You can avoid that with an auto lease from NJ Car Leasing, and we want to help you get the vehicle that you desire! Call us today at 201-720-7316 to inquire about the car you most want, or start the process immediately from our inventory pages!

What Makes NJ Car Leasing’s Auto Lease Better Than the Competition?

If you’re just thinking of the very basics of auto leasing, you may be under the impression that all agencies are essentially the same, offering the same service and the same experience, but you would be mistaken! NJ Car Leasing has pioneered the concept of an all-electronic auto lease, meaning that not only can we offer far lower monthly rates than other agents, but we also have a far wider selection and superlative convenience in the industry! The benefits start with our prices which, because we can reduce operating and overhead costs in ways that other agencies can’t, those savings are passed directly on to you! Then there’s the selection we offer, enabled by the fact that we don’t have to have a physical leasing fleet of cars — instead, we’ve partnered with a vast number of dealerships all throughout New Jersey to offer their vehicle stock as our inventory! This means that we don’t have to specialize in just a few makes of auto — we have stock of essentially every car being manufactured today! Then there’s the convenience that we offer: where other agencies make you trek out to their car lot, going out of your way and taking time out of your schedule, with NJ Car Leasing you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office! The entire process of getting your new auto lease is done online, for a much faster, easier and more convenient experience! The benefits of our system are so many, there should be no question in your mind that NJ Car Leasing is the agency for you! Call us today, or start the process on our vehicle inventory pages!